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    This is a special album for us. It taught us a lot about music and what we loved about it. Simply put, what we loved about it was: making it. So we're offering it to you for free and the only payment we'd like would come in two forms:
    1) That you like it
    2) If you really like what you hear, you share it with someone else who you think would also like it and encourage them do the same. You are our "word of mouth".
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released December 20, 2011

Recorded by: hello evening at Milk Route Records
Mixed by: Damien Rasmussen
Mastered by: Golden Mastering
Cover art by: Josh Yoches

All songs written and performed by: hello evening (Nisan Perera & Kevin Yoches)

With the exception of:
Tracks 1,3,4,6,9,10: Stand up bass by Robin San Jose
Tracks 2,6,7: Violin by Ben Cave
Tracks 6,9: Background vocals by Kim Conlan
Tracks 5,7,9,12: Horns by Vinney Dawson & Ruben Puebla
Track 12: Horn parts written by Vinney Dawson & Ruben Puebla


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hello evening Oakland, California

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Track Name: Weeping Willow
i sleep in weeping willow beds
chalk chalking on every wall and window sill and ledge
and cover it up with sweeping telescopic eyes
they're on fire
it's the window
you're the light

tie it up for an insincere refrain
hands clapping on the walls, so tap your feets and shake your chains
oh those battle scars they don't effect your heart
the wanting makes us pilots in the dark

chiming up every vocal chord we have
arms smacking all the drums to make a retroactive dance
people i once loved we used to laugh because
in the future we were all going to be someone
Track Name: Two Two Calls
two two calls away from you
caught in the atmosphere
calumet driven axioms
played off the drains
holding rotary telephones
with the power slipping away
you you held a key i heard
and played a guitar in the rain

you wear your artifacts upon your sleeve
just to say youre something
i keep some casio mint through optical tint just to stay king
come back to here my love and hold this broken hand in the rain
come back to here my love your written words aren’t the same

new new in those high heeled shoes
struck on the paved dew
i woke up to the afternoon
and got carried away
full of manatees and movie queens
and punch drunk love
do you do you have the key i heard
to keep from slipping away

you summon up enough on these sleeves
that you must be something
i call you artifact but you don’t call me back so i must be king
Track Name: Oh Dear
oh my dear wont you marry me
on a golden mountain in my mind

be my queen
and i’ll drink you up
because you fill my cup with your eyes

oh dear, you're not meant to be, a puzzle piece that fits for anyone but me

oh my love, just be all mine, be all mine all the time

oh please dear, just come with me
oh please dear, just come with me

oh my dear, please stand by my side
when the tables are turned and there’s no light

oh my love, won’t you be all mine
on the golden mountain in my mind

oh please dear, just come with me
oh please dear, just come with me
Track Name: Coming Home
i'm not scared of anyone
would take a mountain made of war to make me done
if the spinning world doesn't bowl me over
Then i'll make it through till to it's all over

Got a half glass of courage in betweens my thumbs
And a mountain worth of memories to keep me young
With the falling sun upon my shoulders
I'll stay around till it's all over

That's how i know i'm coming home
Track Name: Heed the Warning
Would you call my name, from the waters edge
Send a signal fire, at the waters edge
Coming home again, to that waters edge
Coming home again, our lives are starting but we don't know when

Don't heed the warnings
of red lights in the early morning
I'll take you with me
And in the twilight dew we'll wash the sleep away

Will you fall on me, at the waters edge
Will you stay the same, at the waters edge
Can we be unchanged, at the waters edge
Coming home again, to the lives we found back then
Track Name: Clydesdale

fallen plain
walked through rain
grass laid upon

found out
that love is not a town

came at once all at once
on the way to chicago

find some peace
in allowed
to grow old

missed in beats
and romantic folds

came at once all at once
on the way to chicago

all at once on the way to chicago
Track Name: Call me Carolina
Call me, Carolina, call me anytime
Call me carolina, and i would call you all of my life
And when the rain falls in October, there'll be no end to this line

I called you carolina, and loved you like the sun
Called you carolina, so tell them that i called
If i traded in these moments, with you i would have just one

But oh, the rain feels fine
On these tired eyes of mine
Track Name: Calcium Kills

Keep calm over the fall
not worth the shout
Keep calm over the fall
Because calcium kills
The dust off of my bones
Dirt from the bribes

Climbing off the tables
To start resting up the bones
sure enough unable
to be credulous at home
Cause you could only come on slow and go
cash in hand
etching every well laid plan in stone

a calm over my heart
is worth the shout
a calm over my heart
because calcium kills
the breaks from the old
the curves from the stones
all that you've thrown

jumping off the cables
to start resting up the bones
soon enough unstable
to show gentleness at home
Cause you could only come on slow and go
cash in hand
etching every well laid plan in stone
Track Name: Generation of Spies
china china dolls keep bobbling on
mini skirted lovers make empty bombs
and the sky goes gray when the drinks finish for the day

talk of the town where's the largest crown
pink polka dots make vibrant sounds
my eyes still close cause the moon makes up most of my day

copy of a filtered water bottle note that slips down the throat without a choke
and i get tired love because there's just so much to do

fuck it all i'm going back to sleep
the ugly boys are pretty with their camouflage jeans
and the cheap beer costs the same on every street
wake me up when the tattoos fade
the 60's are gone and the generation has a name
that not the same as what it used to be
wake me up when language doesn't fade
abbreviations don't make up the bulk of my day
that's why i'm tired because there's just so much to do
Track Name: When the Night Comes
when the night comes
you will be the only oe
waiting for goodbye to come
waiting for it all to change

when the dreams fall
lay your head down in peace
there'll be no different time that grows
when you're not here with me

though the wind blows
through the windows
and brings the end of the day
mountains may fall and fires may burn
and our homes may fade
but i just feel we'll stay the same

when the day calls
you can bring your mind to rest
it will be no tall request
for things to never change
that's how it seems today

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