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Settle In, Silence

by hello evening

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We recorded this album about two and a half years ago and then put it on the shelf in the living room while our lives changed rapidly around it. It felt safe on that shelf - and while children happened, break-ups happened and general shifts happened, it felt easier to not acknowledge how much things had transformed while it was sitting there as a "work in progress" that could transport us to this seemingly simpler past.

It still sits there on our shelf, but now it's complete and not an unfinished sentence so much as a completed chapter of our lives - which has served as a beautiful foundation for these more recent, equally-exciting and rapidly-evolving chapters. And now, at least, it will have the chance to sit on your shelf as well.


released February 4, 2015

All music written and performed by: hello evening (Nisan Perera & Kevin Yoches)
All lyrics by: hello evening (Nisan Perera & Kevin Yoches) and Erin Rose Belair

Recorded by: hello evening at Milk Route Records
Mixed and Mastered by: Damien Rasmussen

With the exception of:
Tracks 2,4,8: Bass by Robin San Jose
Tracks 1,4: Background vocals by Erin Rose Belair


all rights reserved



hello evening Oakland, California

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Track Name: Only
seems like august in those lightning spokes
passing broken signs in windows coming close
catching moments from your sun flared eyes
tired street light sounds like soft reprise

push your only want down a sideways slope
broken autographs reassess your time alone
empty halogen in a frontage road
you catapult on the long way home

you're pushing only
and pushing slow
you're pushing only
and pushing on

spend your notice and energy
getting back to spaces that smell like me
evasive subtle casualties
expected distance happened suddenly
Track Name: Seem a Little Shy
on the lockets of your sweet chains are growing tumble weeds
one by one they go two by two on their way to go to sleep
so you break yourself yeah you break yourself and go out dancing in the week
but all that shaking meets nothing but strangers: you don't keep mixed company

You seem a little shy

two step left two step left, neon keeps you half full
check a wall to keep in time and you'd go home if you could
you fake yourself and you fake yourself and you pour yourself a drink
but everyone waits on every street so you're not as lonely as you think

you seem a little shy
you seem a little shy
Track Name: Dying Age
late one night in a dream
a thought it occurred to me
started down a road that ends in age
amd passed a place and passed a face

and late the evening we reach this dying age

struggled with a certain type of thought
on the things left to matter in the dark
and how we get certain count of breath
that never seems enough in the end

because late the evening we reach this dying age

wherever you go
whatever you know
wherever you go
comes this dying age
Track Name: Hold Me Still
hold me still my heart
don't ever let me go
there's a shiver and shake between my gives and my takes

i'll keep up with you my dear
where ever you roam
i won't try and follow you
when you wish to be alone

some of the way
in summer days
your hair falls in the sun
i can't count the seven ways
that i've seen you come un done

juniper talk
and rambling walks
putting irons to the truth
i won't try and follow you
just as long as you think of me in those white afternoons

hold me close my love
through tethers and through age
my hearts painted with colors and those colors often fade

can i ask you quick my one?
when the walls start crumbling down
would you hide beneath the tables
so we could watch them hit the ground
Track Name: My Love Reaches
my love reaches once in a while
hangs a half heart breath out to dry
sews a simple wish in your mind
but still talks to you through the edge of a smile

oh madeliene you never told me that
its such a long way down

my loves changes once in a while
can't help but see new parts in the fire
stretched thin over spaces of time
i'd still meet you anywhere that's mine
Track Name: Streams
through a window i've been seeing you with a faraway glance
and i've wondering where you keep starts and your ends

the ocean never flows / into the spaces you'd found
seems that you're lonely there's too many around

trying to remember what i never forget
suddenly everything you have / was behind you in a pink dress

when you settle down you'll be broken
when you come around you'll be home

promise me cooly take of the heart
the pieces you're left with will be a good to place to start
Track Name: You're Gonna Lose
You're gonna lose what you started to lose
you're gonna prove what i wasn't to you
Track Name: Sings Like a Storm
hear the noises of kingdoms gone
while the time slipped away
your heart rolled on

you're weren't fragile but broken enough
the sound of glory is no substitute for luck

the winds always change for a saving of face under dark happenings

long rain taking the place
the noise of the strangest
cadence of all

the heat of the hill presses against the untimely mess
day created from old unpacking thunder brought from the cold
Track Name: Divisadero
Divisadero why don't you skip this beat
and call in your fog and enemies
Yeah I'm sentimental and so full of retreat
so tired of feigning disbelief

You stay honest, and i'll agree
i'll keep my promise
You can count on me

you're still lovely and all dressed up in gold
but the smell of your seasons has grown so old
truth is hard to come by at seven ninety three
not sure when i stopped wanting to be seen

You stay honest, and i'll agree
i'll keep my promise
You can count on me

oh nostalgia makes me feel unfit for ease
like time spent traveling on my knees
divisadero you're a portrait and a thief
but just like young love you can count on me
Track Name: wwtpd
better get rich kid or at least smell like it
those thoughts you've been having don't need to keep you sepearate

running through the games that break and pull away
doesn't make you able to see times end on compromise

Even the tables turn once in a while
even the fables get lonely some of the time

i can't seem to help you with the stacking of your names and coins
lifting all the pretty pieces doesn't mean you have a choice

the broken parts of you would be better put to use
if you went searching iin the melodies to show you what to do
Track Name: Settle In
it comes over you every once in a little while
that things that set your apart are the things that make you unkind
we'd made promises about the people we'd mean to be
but every shot took a drink, and every turn turned to repeat

it was the best you ever were at the start of things
with our shirts hanging on the line, when the smell of grace passed for wine
the light ran down your spine on a blanket with braided hair
i don't remember the knowing going or how already got there

we'll meet out front after you settle in
when the smoke clears from the summer and the middle we've floated into doesn't seem so strange, doesn't seem so strange

shook off the tough shakes and crossed the bad lakes that keep me separate from where i was
you could have written the same story if you had broken off when i was done
you let the ice melt in your drink to good parts of the joke
that part happens to everyone and revisits where we had begun

we'll count our years from the lights behind the bar
take comfort in that where you went is not that far and doesn't seem so strange, doesn't seem so strange

everything worth telling doesn't have to come out just now
all those people that you were in between those folded pages, brought us back to this town
just take me home and say "you could always settle down"
in the bad days of june when the corners of my mind don't seem so strange, doesn't seem so strange

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